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The World's Best

Our tuna is caught and immediately frozen at -130 degrees Fahrenheit using our “CAS” technology (Cell Alive System). CAS freezing methodology preserves Itsumo Tuna by employing ultrasonic vibration at the molecular level, thereby preventing ice crystal formation within the cell wall.

-76 F Super Frozen Technology maintains the cellular structure, at an atomic level.

Fact: over 80% of tuna sold in Japan is super frozen.

Catch and Production

Itsumo procurement (catch), CAS freezing and ultra low temperature storage ceases all movement at an atomic level within the molecular structure. This unique chain is strictly maintained from vessel, through the supply chain to our customers worldwide. Itsumo frozen tuna is packed in our custom-made B.A.P. free bag, thereby preventing pathogen contamination both inside and out of the bag. Itsumo technology allows for simple defrost in standard refrigerator.


✔ Wild Caught

✔ No CO - Gas - Chemicals

✔ AAA Japanese Grade

✔ Trimmed, No Bloodline


✔ Extended Shelf Life

✔ Regular Freezer Storage

✔ Skinless, Boneless, 100% Yield

✔ Defrost VacPack Under Cold Water

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National Geographic Interview Video

- Itsumo's Next-Generation Technology for the Freshness

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