For Sustainability

Bluefin tuna, one of the world’s most remarkable ocean creatures renowned for its mighty speed, is in trouble and needs your help. Overfishing is driving this magnificent fish toward the brink of extinction and yet many sushi restaurants continue to serve it.

Large scale commercial fishermen and their irresponsible fishing methods put one of the world's most treasured species – the dolphin – in constant danger. The use of large nets and long lines is a cheap, effective way to catch fish, but they also trap endangered and protected species. At Itsumo, we use Artisan Fishing methods which enable us to catch Ahi Tuna exclusively. We are proud to say we are one of the few companies doing our part to ensure dolphins will roam the seas for generations to come.

Headquartered in Japan, Itsumo is immersed in one of the most “green” nations in the world. Island life and the Japanese culture foster a need to protect the land on which we live and the sea that surrounds us. At Itsumo, we endeavor every day to meet the most stringent industry standards by constantly searching for more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly ways of dealing with waste. With the help of a culture at the forefront of green technologies, it is no struggle to fulfill the demands of an increasingly “green” planet.

"One man One Boat” – At Itsumo, we catch each fish by hand – quickly and safely bring it on board where it goes into our proprietary chilling tanks. No large fishing nets to rape the ocean. No long line vessels out for weeks on end. No catch of species we don’t want. No catch of Ahi to small or too young. This is our promise.

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